Buzzcut 3

Posted on 10/31/12, 34 Minutes
My buddies Mark and George came over, and ended up hanging out too late for George to get his hair back in regs for work the next day.

Buzzcut 2

Posted on 8/15/11, 26 Minutes
I shot this video a couple months ago, this was actually the first video I shot with Jack, right after he got out of the brig. Jack and I took a trip back up to the old homestead, where Zack had been living for... continued

Roadtrrip 2: Buzzcut

Posted on 10/17/08, 24 Minutes
Our final destination on the roadtrip was King's hometown, and when we got there he had called ahead and set up some girls for us to party with—basically drink some beer and try to get laid. We were still stayi... continued

Road Trip: Motel Room Fun

Posted on 4/5/08, 50 Minutes
This video is unlike any other. Three straight guys and I set off on a serious roadtrip recently. No half-assed drive to the next town, we ended up going all the way cross country, stopping at Mardi Gras in New... continued

Shave, Shower and a Blowjob

Posted on 3/16/07, 78 Minutes
I have known my buddy King for more than a year now. He's a great guy, and we really enjoy hanging out together. We usually go drinking and chasing girls, but one crazy weekend it became something more. Luckily... continued

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