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1920x1080p Full HD downloads

The most recent featured video is available for members to download at full-size 1920x1080 HD. The most recent new movie will alternate with the most recent archived video. Put another way: Every other week I will release a brand new movie, and for the week that that is the latest movie, members can download the full-sized 1920x1080 HD (no streaming). Once that video is no longer the most recent video, the link will disappear and you will not be able to download that movie, so grab it while it's hot!

New movies are released every two weeks. Every other week I will make a previously released movie available for free download in 1920x1080 HD. So, every week members will have the opportunity to download a full-sized HD movie, either a new release or an old favorite.

Very soon you will be able to purchase archived movies for digital download. The most recent release will always be free.

PLEASE NOTE: These movies are not only larger in size, they're encoded at a higher bitrate for better quality. This results in some large file-sizes. A longer 50-minute movie might end up being 2Gb, so plan accordingly.

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