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After the bars one night we came back to the pad and two of my bros were groundfightng, which is what marines do when they're bored. Oh yeah, with their shirts off so it was super hot.
After the bars one night, we went to Denny's, too plastered even for Naked Pong LOL. In this clip Carl, from "Four Horny Marines" gets dared to do a straight up syrup shot. I dared him to do it and it would have served me right of he spewed all over me, but he didn't, so bonus.
This video is from in the middle of the "Beat Off Buddies" series, when Ford, Marcus, Tanker, and Sean, all straight marine buddies from the same platoon, were wasting a day drinking beers at my house. They all deployed and lived side by side (and sometimes much closer) in Afghanistan, and I asked them all kinds of question about what that was like, where they jerked off over there, and so on.
No one you've seen naked is in this video, but when I say we did crazy shit because we went out to the bar, this is what I mean:

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This footage is actually a few weeks before the events of One Crazy night, when Q and Josh were over at my place just drinking beer and bullshitting. Q has a girl with him that was seriously uptight and harshing all of our mellows, but it was her last day before going to Iraq and she was there to get laid (not on camera). They're talking a bit rough in these videos, about how when they get out of the USMC and get back home they're gonna show people who's boss...and like all marines they dig bragging about fights they've been in. You gotta know these are two of the nicest, best friends a guy could have, and both of these guys stood up for me when I got my ass kicked. You wouldn't want to piss them off, though.

Zack's Strippers

Zack's leading a futile effort to get some girls (besides the one that's there with Q) to come over. He knows a bunch of chick in the next town over but that's not doing any of us any good because it's 1 in the morning and they're not answering, because they're at work--they're strippers. And he tells a funny story about penguins fucking.

Josh ad Q Fight Talk

Josh and Q talk about fights they've been in. This clip could be a litle strong for some people, or, hearing these two shirtless marines talk about busting some ass might make your dick hard ;) Here's another one.

Q drops trou again

Q and Josh are talking about something, when Q drops his pants again because he thinks he has a bruise on his leg and he can't remember how it got there. Notice that Josh doesn't miss an opportunity to put a boot right in his ass.

Josh and Q compare cocks

Josh and Q both love to be naked, and they're like brothers, they totally don't care about being naked around each other. Doesn't eccite them, doesn't bother them. They love teasing the girls their with though. One day they were over at my pad drinking and hanging out and, since he already had his shirt off, Q decides to drop his pants too. He doesn't wear any drawers, so boom he was naked. Well what one brother does the other has to do too so Josh promptly dropped his jeans too and he doesn't wear any more shorts than Q does. The girl Q brought over to fuck was a little freaked out at first (uptight!) but got into the fun by making them compare asses and then cocks. Do your straight friends do this when they come over to your house?
So Zack just got out of the USMC, and I had the camera on for most of his last day. We went out driving one last time, did some naked hiking, and this time I was naked too, but that's for a future update. Anyway, these are hilites from Zack's last few hours before he went home to Iowa. He crashed on my couch for a few days after he got out and before he went home so he could hang out with his buddies one last can tell how sad he is to be leaving, especially in 'Bandages Off'. Poor guy, we'll miss you buddy!

Zack gets a tatt

Zack just got out of the USMC, and he got a new tatt to celebrate. There were a bunch of other marines in the shop I wish I could show you.

Bandages off

A couble hours later the bandages are ready to come off. Zack's melancholy because he hs to leave soon and he's going to miss his buddies.

Goodbye/Popping Veins

Zack's packing up his duffle bag to go to the airport. Hes a little guy but his muscles pop out when he lifts...and so do his veins. Watch him pump them up, it's weird.
The following clips are from a road trip I took with some of my buddies in the spring of 2007.

Road Trip: Love Circle

Some tape from right before the road trip of the boys being goofy

Road Trip: Cheese Nipple

Some tape from right before the road trip: We were making cheese sandwiches and of course we couldn't help smearing one on Josh

Road Trip: Cooking

Some tape from right before the road trip of the boys cooking in my kitchen

Road Trip: Road Shorts

Some g-rated tape from on the road trip itself of the boys and me crossing the country
Some tape from right before the video Motel Room Fun of the boys getting absolutely smashed at the motel pool, mooning the camera
The following clips are from a road trip I took with some of my buddies in the spring of 2007.

Road Trip: Love Circle

Some tape from right before the road trip of the boys being goofy
Josh, Q and Zack used to come over to my place, get schwasted, and we'd have all kinds of fun. the following vodeos are some of the shenanigans that tool place. Sometimes nudity would be involved and you can see what happens when these guys get really crazy in the video One Crazy Night.


My buddy Zack takes a beer bong--2 beers!

Josh Fucks My Stove

My buddy Josh was over and we were all drinking and having a good time and I forget how it actually happened but started pretending that he was fucking my stove. Then, just to antagonize his girlfriend he pretends to get busy with my mop, and in one of the single best bits I have ever gotten on tape, loses his beer balance and just falls right over into a case of empties. We all had to watch that like 30 times. the best part is when he goes down he punctuates it with a highly comical fart. Listen for it, it's rich.

Quarters Game 1

Quarters 2

Quarters 3

Quarters 4

My buddy Zack came over to get off base for a weekend and we were looking for a way to pass the time. I have a book of beer-drinking games and we ended up playing quarters...although you'll see that I'm the one that always ends up drinking, plus in the last one he tells a funny story about burning down a gas station. At least I thought it was funny. The end of this tape is the begining of Quarters, where he needs to take a shower before some girls come over and he ends up running around naked for awhile.
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