My Straight Buddy Support

Who do I contact for help?

  1. For anything related to content or design

    If you have any issues with the contant or operation of this site, and I'll do my best to address the. This includes design issues, browser compatibility issues, broken links or other technical problems, or anything to do with the videos or photos you see on the site. I can't please everybody, but if you have concerns about anything you see, let me know.
  2. Membership and Billing related issues

    Membership and billing for is handled entirely by CCBill, the most widely used and most trusted billing company around.

    CCBill maintains an excellent, round-the-clock support staff to help you with and membership or billing issues you might have:

    Hours: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
    Phone: 1-888-596-9279
    Fax: 480-449-8820


It's easy to retrieve a lost password, or to cancel your subscription using the CCBill Customer Support page. You will be asked to provide two of the following three pieces of information to look up your membership: Email address, Credit Card #, or Subscription ID (it was in the confirmation email that CCBill sent when you first signed up). Hit "Search" to look up your membership and you're set. Of course, you can also call CCBill customer service 24/7.

Video formats and Compatibility

  1. Streaming and downloadable movies

    You can download every movie, and you can stream most movies. Streaming is where you can watch the movie online, but you can skip ahead in the movie without waiting for it to download. When you download a movie you keep a digital copy on your hard drive. My movies do not have DRM (digital rights management) and every movie you download you can keep and watch whenever you want.

    These movies are offered in high-quality MP4 format, in 3 sizes: Large (2Mbs), Medium (800Kbs), and Small (300Kbs).

    I use the JWPlayer module to stream the movies online, which is broadly compatible across many platforms. It uses Flash or HTML5 to play the movie, depending on which is more appropriate. Between the two JWPlayer is compatible with all of the most modern browsers. I always recommend that everyone should update to the latest browser for the highest compatibility. The preview videos use the same player, so if you can view the preview videos with no problems, you'll be able to watch the movies just fine.

  2. iOS and Androids

    You can watch My Straight Buddy movies on your iOS or Android phone or tablet. Right now the movies are only streaming on iOS devices, I will be adding the ability to download to iOS devices ASAP. Most Android devices should be able to download the movies right now, but I can't make any guarantee per specific devices or operating systems.
  3. Some older movies were not re-converted

    A very, very few of my movies were not able to be re-converted into the new streamable format. They are still available in downloadable Quicktime format. Many more movies I was able to convert the movies but not the previews, so the previews are in the old Quicktime format but the movies have been converted into high-quality MP4s.

Accessing the free previews

Privacy policy collects no information from you, does not store any customer-related information (since it's not collected, duh). Your membership is handles by CCBill, a company that has been an icon of good business practices for over 10 years. does store several cookies on computer that store site settings (such as your newsletter subscriber access code so you have access to all the free previews). does not store any personal information in those cookies, nor is it saved anywhere but your personal machine for the sake of enhancing your user experience.

If you subscribe to the My Straight Buddy Newsletter saves your name and email address for the purpose of delivering the newsletter. will never sell or trade your information, ever, for any reason.

Set your language

Through the magic of Google Translate I can offer this site in many popular languages. To change languages, click on on of the flags at the top of the page. To change your language setting, return to this page.