Naked horseplay
Straight guys casual nudity
Download videos of naked Marines

MSB Joe Snapchat

This is my regular SnapChat that anyone can access. I post daily-life and behind the scenes stuff here. Often when I go out to the bar with my buds I'll snap the experience so you can join the Mariners and me as we're out and about having fun. Marines that end up in my videos are often see on here first!

My Straight Buddy SnapChat [Private]

This is my x-rated SnapChat account, which you get access to FREE with your membership to You'll see x-rated behind the scenes footage of the guys that doesn't get into the actual downloadable videos, stuff like them chilling with their cocks out. Sometimes you get to see my Marines fuck a chick after a party, that's happened a few times.

My Straight Buddy Instagram

This is my slightly more risky but still have to keep it together Instagram account. This account is for behind the scenes pics and vids from my videos specifically. You'll catch extra pics and vids from the videos I've shot, but nothing NSFW (unless drinking in bars and being shirtless or in silkies counts).

MSB Twitter @MyStraightBuddy

Stay up-to-date on site news, find out what videos are coming out soon, what your favorite guys are up to and so on. This account is definitely NSFW.

That's right, I'm on Reddit motherfuckers! If you're one of those types (like myself) who spends waaaaay too much time scrolling through Reddit, subscribe to my sub and get hot Marines in your feed!

Whiskey Battalion Instagram

This is Insta-safe instagram where I post all kinds of awesome (but pretty much SFW) behind-the-scenes pics and vids. You won't see any dick or ass on here, but you'll see plenty of my hot Marine buddies who drink and party with me.

Whiskey Battalion Twitter @Whiskey_BN

Same basic M.O. as my Whiskey Battalion Instagram, but on Twitter if you prefer that platform. Also you'll get my assorted musing and comments about what's going on at Whiskey Battalion
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