Hot stories about straight buddies exploring their masculinity

I know I'm not the only guy out there who has a bunch of hot straight buddies. Here's your chance to share your stories! I'm going to let my members vote on the ones they think are the hottest, and every month someone will win $50! There's two categories, True Stories and Fiction. Please keep the two separate, if you have hot fantasies about straight guys we'd all love to hear 'em but people can tell when you're making shit up and that's what the 'fiction' category is for.

Basic Training Stories

Basic training. At the time it seemed terrifying, nowadays I wouldn't blink. But when you are a young man, thrust into a new and (seemingly) hostile environment, it can be scary as shit.

But of course, for the gay man that goes through, there are aspects that are undeniably hot. I look back and think, how the hell did I make it through, and who knew? I'm pretty sure I know who else was, in retrospect some are obvious but I was oblivious at the time. My Gaydar didn't switch on until I came out, and that was years down the road yet. At the time I was terrified of being discovered.

My biggest worry was that my dick would give me away. I get a boner at the drop of a hat, and here I was about to cram in with 60 hot young guys. Shower with them. Train with them. Bond with them. I wasn't sure I'd make it.

It is, literally, a gay man's fantasy world. What was on the one hand a difficult and serious 6 weeks of training was also a chance to revel in the casual nudity that the military engenders (and which all straight men secretly love to participate in).

Guys in basic training grow super-close to each other. It is the most intense feeling of camaraderie. You're also dealing mainly with guys who are at the height of their horniness, many of them off the farm or out of small, small country towns where they didn't even know that other guys got horny. Suddenly you're in an all-male situation, with no outside distractions, there's lots of nakedness?âguys get close. Real close. It's not gay, it's more like a modern-day version of Sparta, the true camaraderie of men. You'll be in line, and you're buddy behind you will adjust your collar for you, making sure to brush your neck with his hand just slightly enough.

Picture this:

Backstage at a Christmas pageant (yes, I was in basic over thanksgiving and Christmas, and all the flights—one unit of guys basically, numbering about 60 and occupying one dormitory—that were in training at that time either got to put on or go to a Christmas show), I notice one of my buddies is very slowly and sensually twirling his fingers through the hair of another buddy, who was really cute and I had a crush on so I was actually kind of jealous. Both were very tough, masculine guys so it was hard to even get the scene into my mind at the time, but it's been hard to get out.

What's even more distracting is how casual nudity becomes. Men really like to be naked. I was about to say, "I think," but that's bullshit, I know. Given enough time, men will always take of their clothes. They will invent reasons why they have to be naked. Some you will notice spending less and less time in their clothes, and walking further and further afield.

Picture this:

Chuck was one of the hottest dudes in the whole flight (incidentally if you subscribe you get to see my basic training pics, so you can see who I'm talking about). Beautiful sad dog eyes and smile, gorgeous body, and a perfect ass that he loved to show off. And a really nice package, with large balls and a swinging dick of just the right size and color. He was one of the ones that started spending a lot of time naked, thank god.

Now, the barracks is split up into two bays, A Bay and B Bay. There's a wall between but no door and it's not hard to travel between the two, but fundamentally they're separated and unfortunately Chuck was in A and I was in B. I saw him quite a bit in the shower though, and as I said he was was one of the skin-friendly ones so he was always standing at the urinal completely naked and running around in the halls completely naked.

One day however he came over to my bay, wearing only a rather too small towel and bringing his boots. He wanted to know if he could shine his boots with me. Luckily I managed to blurt out "yes", I remember only that it was difficult.

He sits down on my bunkmate's bed (I have top bunk), I'm in a chair shining my boots. When he sits on the bed, his towel opens up and everything is completely visible. His dick is, and for some reason this is really hot for me, resting right on my bunkmate's sheets. And then we have a conversation as if this is perfectly normal.

I've always wondered since, was I being tested? And in which direction? I'm sure I got caught looking, I had to have, it was impossible to keep my eyes off it.

So let describe what the casual nudity there was like. Most of it occurred in the latrine and showers. The latrine includes the sinks where everyone shaves naked. It and the showers were one big tiled area. The showers weren't nearly as big as I had imagined they'd be, holding only eight guys at a time. There was a tiled area the same size as the showers, so theoretically you could pack 16 guys in there, although one time we managed to fit the entire flight, all 60 of us, in there at once. I still think about that sometimes when I jerk off, and I often wonder who else does. Here's the thing, all 60 guys totally wanted to be naked with each other.

There was no time for nakedness in the mornings. Reveille went off and you hopped into your uniform as fast as you could. Then there was a day of various things you had to do which I will gloss over here because they don't involve nudity. That generally started around the time we were getting back from PT?ëPhysical Training. You're hot and sweaty and, even if you don?ït have time for a shower (this involves more than just getting in and taking a shower, it must be cleaned and ready for inspection afterwards), if you have a little time to change and rest you're not going to leap right back into your uniform. Guys spend a lot of time in their underwear [link] at this point in the day.

Later after dinner, almost instantly the pants come off. Your uniform has to be hung up just so, and you might as well get it off and get to work. It'll be showertime anyway soon, so at this point everyone's in their tidy whighties and t-shirts.

I am told that different flights acted differently as a whole. It's an interesting study in group dynamics. In another flight, they were hardly able to take showers at all‚Äîthe guys that cleaned the showers (the "Latrine Queens", yes) set the rules for what kinds of use you could give their equipment, and in some sorry flights the guys were made through like an assemblyline, all eight showerheads turned on and they marched through. Although on second thought there's something to be said for lining everybody up like that. On the other end of the spectrum?â

Picture this

The day has come where it's time for us to fire our rifles. We're marched over to a big building where we'll first have to learn how to assemble and disassemble them. It's a large room, and everybody gets a wooden table and a rifle. The instructor is a hot, beefy, but very friendly sort of guy (reminded me of a surfer sort of personality, actually). I'm imedeiately hot for him. Apparently he got out of Basic fairly recently himself, as he has this story to tell:

"You know how you all run around in your underwear when you guys are just hangin' out? When I was in basic my flight decided that was too restrictive, and we ditched everything but the t-shirts and just let it all hang out." And I will never forget this as long as I live, even if I get Alzheimer's, he says, "'d be sitting their shining your boots and one of your buddies would come over to talk to you and his dick would be hanging out at eye-level, and you'd be like hello! I don't know why I brought that up."

I may be paraphrasing, but that's very close. And then he went on to teach us how to clean our rifles, and let me tell you I had a devil of a time keeping up after that, all I could picture was an entire flight of Chucks, all wlaking around with their dicks swinging back and forth...I would go through Basic all over again if I could be in that flight.

However there was plenty of nakedness to go around. Looking back on it our Latrine Queen but have actually been, because he didn't mind us taking extra or long showers at all. Practically encouraged showering. I was lucky that way. As Basic wore on and we all became more and more comfortable around each other, we found more excuses to be naked together and spend more time naked. Soon Lee, a buffed-out martial-arts type Korean guy was hardly putting on clothes at all. You'd get together for some kind of barracks meeting, and he's be there naked. You'd gather around to look at something, he'd be there naked. Soon he and chuck were running around playing naked games, chasing eachother in and out of the shower, running naked through the dayroom, and so on.

After your shower, it was shaving time. Hardly anyone wears their towel while they're shaving, you put it up on the sink. Maybe it's too heavy or something. I know why I was happy to take mine off, but why everybody else was, I dunno. I shaved as slowly as I could, I'll say that.

JRTC Showers

When I was in the Air Force I fell in love with my straight best friend, Tom. Everyone who met him did, even straight guys. He was tall (6'3"), with broad shoulders and a square jaw. He looked like an all-american football player, which is pretty much what he was. He was also one of the nicest dudes I've ever known.

We had barely known each other a year when we got sent on a field excercise together.

In that y... continued

Skinnydipping with my buddy

As I mentioned previously, during my military service I ended up stationed in Hawaii (it doesn't happen to everybody, don't join). The beautiful beaches of Oahu's North Shore were just 15 minutes away, including famous Waimea Bay Beach Park.

We'd often go there during the day, my eyes casually drifting over the many, many soldiers from Schofield Barracks that sun themselves there during the day (Hawaii if you do... continued

Basic Training Shower Time

One day we were coming back from a particularly hot and sweaty PT (Physical training).

We were nearing the end of our training and so we would occasionaly find ourselves with what amounted to free time, at least it seemed free to us. Also we'd been together for while and we were all super-comfortable around one another...we had spent so much time together naked that even I hardly even noticed anymore. And so this ... continued