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The most recent video is free to download in HD

The most recent/current video is now available to download in crisp and clear 1920x1080p HD. Not only is it larger, but it's encoded at a higher bitrate for extra clarity. Perfect for your digital TV or large computer screen.

New HD movie every week!

It gets better! Not only are my new movies (released every other week) in HD, every alternating week I will release one of your favorite archived movies in full HD. So, every week an HD movie is available for your to download; one week a new movie, the next an archived classic that was not available in 1080p HD before.

If I miss a week, are those HD movies gone forever?

I am working diligently on making all the HD movies I release available for you to download (members only!) for a small extra charge. So if your favorite movie that you always wanted to see in full HD came (pun intended) and went and you missed it, don't worry, you'll have a chance to download it again. I expect that to be a thing around mid-June 2019.
When that happens, the most recent release (new or archived) will still be free for the week that it's the current release.

Aren't ALL your movies available for download?

Yes of course, but at smaller sizes, up to 1280x720 (which is still technically HD). You will always be able to stream and download at the other sizes, it's only the largest 1920x1080p size that's available only for the current movie.

Watch this sample video

Not only is the 1080p HD twice the size of my regular HD, it's encoded at a higher bitrate for higher overall picture quality. Check to make sure that your device (especially if it's a mobile device or digital TV) can access this new format by clicking on the link below.
30-second sample video 1080p Full HD
Please be aware that the file sizes are larger as well, so you'll want to have a broadband connection to download these videos!
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