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One Crazy Night (30 min)

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Where to even begin with this one? This is the tape that re-started it all, and the reason My Straight Buddy rose out of the grave. I have a couple of good buddies, Zack and Q, who just fucking love to be naked and drop their drawers every chance they get. It was inevitable that their naked shenanigans would get taped and once that happened it was inevitable that I'd want to share it with you. Once Zack found out he could make money running around naked at my house he hasn't been able to keep is pants on since, I'm sure the fact that he's often intoxicated helps.

One night Zack was over at my house, with our mutual friend Caitlin, who at the time was dating Josh (this becomes important later). When we found out our good buddy Q was gonna be coming over, Zack decided to surprise him by popping out wearing a loin cloth and his desert boots from Iraq. He grabbed an old short of mine, and I grabbed my camera. We had a few minutes before Q got there so the first part of the tape is Zack hanging out outdoors on my patio mostly naked in the twilight.

When Q shows up (you can hear his truck coming at least 30 seconds before he arrives) Zack runs into the bathroom and hides so he can pop out when Q walks in--Q is amused but not terribly surprised. He's holding a butcher knife I left on my table and Zack is wielding a sharp-ended piece of wood from my fence which blew over in a recent wind-storm. I tell them to "Fight! Fight!" and Q says that they totally would if Zack was wearing anything but he's not, a rule he ends up breaking later on after they've both had some more beers. They almost ended up mud wrestling...naked...and I'm pretty sure that something you'll get to see down the line. They don't care.

First they end up arm-wrestling for a clip that was originally gonna go on YouTube, Zack in his loincloth, Q in a sort of reek looking thing made out of a piece of old cammies he had in his truck. Zack is a little guy but it's all muscle, the guy has the body-fat index of a marble statue, and he takes Q down in about 10 seconds.

So they decide to wrestle on the floor, 'cuz Q used to grapple in high school. Zack on the other had hasn't taken a shower yet and all he has to do is get Q's face stuck in his armpit and he's done. Oh yeah, and you can clearly see the happy face that got drawn on Zack's ass the night before (actually it's supposed to be Bart Simpson). Zack quickly pins Q and that's over.

Then Josh shows up. Now the reason Caitlin was over at my house in the first place was: Josh had taken her car out somewhere and at the time he was the only person on the Planet Earth without a cellphone, so when he shows up she lets into him. True to form though when Josh sees that his friends are running around naked, he wants to be naked, so soon there are three naked guys and one very happy clothed girl in my house. They guys for some reason that made perfect sense at the time started cutting holes in pieces of cardboard that they could stick their dicks through, Zack made one that said "WILL FUCK YOUR WIFE FOR FOOD". Which is bullshit, because I know for a fact he'd do it for free.

Then the video ends. To be honest Josh and Caitlin started fighting about him taking the car without telling her (turns out he was having a stereo installed for her) and I turned the camera off.

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