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So if you've been following my SnapChat for a while, you remember back in March when my old buddy Fuckmaster came to visit, at the same time as my buddy Randy. Fuckmaster was one of the most popular guys on here back in the day when he was a Marine here, he's been out for a minute now and blew through town on his way to fuck some chick in Orange County, and your other fave guy Randy happened to be here at the same time. Both of them are huge partiers so I knew we'd get into some trouble with them both here at the same time.

But first we needed to get Randy cleaned up. He's only been out for a few months, and was still in that 'free' period where he just wanted to let his hair and beard grow out 'cuz he was finally free. This wouldn't do for hitting the town, so Fuckmaster offered to trim it up for him. Fuckmaster used to cut his First Sergeant's hair back in the day, so he knew what he was doing.

Both of these guys hate wearing clothes, so it was easy to get them out of their pants—Fuckmaster was wearing the same clothes from the day before and needed to toss his threads in the washer, Randy didn't want to get hair all in his clothes before he went out. Pretty soon both their big dicks were out. Fuckmaster has always been known for his big shlong, but Randy's uncut cock is def bigger still.

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