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So y'all know I shoot videos for another site called well recently I met a bunch of really super-cool guys who like to have fun, and I thought we'd have some fun by bringing down a girl from LA for them to fuck. That and my buddy Wyatt was about to get out of the USMC and go home, and it'll be a while before I see my best friend again. So I got everyone together for a good old-fashioned gangbang. This girl wanted to fuck and that's all there was to that ("I want cock!!" she yells at one point), and my boys were happy to oblige.

Actually the guys had a lot of fun in general that night. When we weren't taping with the girl everybody was outside chillin' on my porch. It's cool to see my friends hanging out in front of their buddies rocking out with their cocks out. The video open with my best friend Wyatt railing the shot out of the girl, with 3 other guys watching. He pounds her like a champ and his awesome boydunkadunk hides her from view. Then he lays across the bed to finger her, and while you don't have to see that the affect is it makes his amazing ass bounce around in a mesmerizing way.

Then it's my boy Nick Gunner's turn. He's a little guy with a huge cock and he shows this girl that he knows how to use it. You get another great review of his perfect bubble butt bouncing and he thrusts his huge cock deep inside her. My buddy Trevor, who has since become one of my closest friends and is one of the coolest guys you can know, can be seen over his shoulder getting a sloppy bj while new guy MeatGrinder watches jerks off.

Next there's a long stretch where you get to watch Trevor (who also has monster cock and it's this scene that always reminds me of how massive his babymaker really is), Gunner and Grinder jerk off. Trevor and Gunner both drop big loads on her, Trevor even though he's already cum once and is using his own boy juice as lube. After a quick post-game interview as they boys wait to get in the shower, we get to see the aftermath of the evening as the boys hang out in the back yard and let off some steam by jumping off the roof into the pool like the crazy motherfuckers they are. A lot of the video is messed up, there's some super hot scenes of the guys in there but to be honest I don't know if I'll ever be able to make a whole video out of it. If I do you'll see it on, look for it there!

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