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Breaktime (27 min)

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So once again my buddy comes over cuz my place is nicer than the barracks. Well, it is. Actually he's here most of the time that he's not on post, which is fine by me because he's about the nicest, coolest guy you can imagine. Like, I had a party here this last weekend and he brought some buddies over to help clean up. Also, he likes to jerk off on my couch or my bed while talking to his girlfriend on the phone, and then doesn't bother to put on clothes afterwards. I get to see this guy naked a LOT, not that I mind. He had some extra time during work hours the other day, and stopped by to see if he could use my shower, as the water in the barracks runs lukewarm at best. But of course, I said.

You've seen a lot of Matt recently, but not in this glorious, up-close-with-his-soapy-cock-swinging-around detail. The camera loves him, and he really digs being on camera. He washes himself up good, and then asks for a razor, and proceeds to shave 'racing stripes' into his crotch. Afterwards he doesn't really want to put on his clothes yet, so he asks what he can do next. I ask him how long it's been since he's rubbed one out--turns out it's been a few days. Well actually he says 'a while', that could mean a few hours for this horny bastard. The weather's turned nice here again recently, and you know how much I like going outside. Unfortunately I have a neighbor now, so no more fun out on the front porch like in the old days. But he stands just inside the door where he can feel the fresh breeze on his balls, and when he cum he jizzes all over my front mat.

BTW that whole bit where he's looking at his phone while he's jerking? That's a video of him fucking his girlfriend. I wish I could show that to you it was hot!

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