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Okay, I know some of you might not appreciate the gunplay. Firearms are, pardon the pun, a loaded topic. However, you just can't get around the fact that marines like guns. They do. They enjoy shooting things, that's why they're marines. And sometimes they're a little violent, even the really nice ones like my buddy Matt. Truly one of the nicest, bestest friends I've ever had the pleasure to know, he'll give you the shirt off his back. He'll also blow a rabbit to a pulpy mess with my shotgun, and then set it on fire. Naked. Some of you might not appreciate that...but I know for a fact that some of you will find that hot as fuck. If so, then this update is for you.

So the night before, we were headin' down some back roads towards a friends house for a beerpong/kegger party, when a rabbit ran in front of us. Matt did not try to hit it, totally did not see it in time, and there's no way we could have avoided it. So before anyone gets all upset that there's a dead bunny in this video, all I can say is, "Circle of Life", folks. Shit happens. Having happened though, we decided that Thumper's life should not have been taken in vain. We put it in the back of his truck and took it out shooting with us the next day. Matt, and another buddy of ours who I have hung out naked at parties with before but did not get naked this time, went out to the middle of nowhere once again, and found a spot where lots of people go to shoot shit. We found a little debris field, including a big-screen plasma TV that had apparently pissed someone off.

So I often have these parties out at my place, and sometimes they get a little crazy. You got maybe 100 drunk marines, very few girls, and maybe some locals thrown in. And the locals don't always get along with the marines and vice versa, and some of these guys come from tough neighborhoods back home, and sometimes people get unruly. Mat's idea was that we should load up some salt shells for the shotgun, so that if anyone got too out of hand I could safely unload a few rounds into 'em, and they'd just get the wind knocked out of them and get some skin taken off. But never having made salt shells before, we wanted to know what they would really do so that I would feel safe blasting someone with them if the need arose. We needed something that would show what they would do to a flesh and blood creature. And to see the actual effect on the skin, we needed the fur to come off. So he poured gasoline on it and set it on fire. I stress once again that this poor bunny was killed instantaneously and on accident. I feed the living, hopping bunnies in my yard bread crumbs and veggies. I love bunnies, I think they're adorable. We would've avoided killing it of we could have, but it ran right under the wheels and there was nothing we could do about it. Once dead though, we weren't about to let the opportunity go to waste. The bunny did get some revenge though, it smelt terrible.

It's a good thing you can only see and hear what's going on. There's not much to describe about the rest of the video: Matt is naked and roams around the desert blasting away with my shotgun while our buddy and I watch. He takes a piss and shoots at the same time. Our buddy throws shit up and he shoots it out of the air...he's an excellent shot, I have to say. I mean go figure, that's his job pretty much he'd better be good at it. He has a long floppy dick that bounces around all over the place while he's tromping through the debris field looking for shit to unload on. And by the end, there's pretty much nothing left of the rabbit. I tried to keep the mess out of frame as much as possible, but it's in there occasionally and I apologize. However, that's what you get for wanting to watch real straight guys and marines...they're definitely not squeamish. This is what they do for fun. As our buddy put it near the beginning of the video, "Is there anything better than naked shooting?" Matt replies maybe "having a chick suck your dick while naked shooting." Maybe another day Matt...

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