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Zack (78 min)

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I'm so glad I found these old tapes that I decided to give you an extra long update this time hour and 17 minutes. Enjoy! Zack is out of the Marine Corps! It's time for him to make the switch to civilian life.

It's a big change for him, and it's a bit of a bummer to see one of your best buddies leaving. I stopped counting the "fuckin's" after about 500, so I hope that he can fit in with the family back home in Iowa for a while. Zack talks for a while about his experiences, including his "pattern of misconduct," which of course is his badge of honor. I got Zack to show me some of the exercise routines he had to do all the time (naked of course) before we headed out for one more road trip into the desert for no reason other than it's something to do naked!

We nearly damaged the rental car on some rocks but lucked out. Zack was so full of energy that he had me breathing heavy to keep up with him as he finds rocks that look like penises and points out how the desert heat has discolored the stones in our wide open sanctuary.

I had to be naked with Zack ass we hiked miles away from our car into the desert. Being naked in the open air got me horny so I gave the camera to Zack and rubbed one out. Back home Zack and I sit on the porch, smoke and drink naked, just relaxing as buddies do in honor of Zack's last day as an Active Duty Marine and his first day as civilian Zack.

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