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Jock Hangs Out (24 min)

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You've seen my buddy Jock a bunch of times now and you've seen how comfortable he is running around naked. This video is from one of the very first times he did a video for me, immediately after he got back from Iraq, but before he met and married his wife (quick marriage, even quicker divorce).

We were at my place waiting for our friend Kori to come over so they could tape a video for me. Lots of accidental videos had occurred, but for this one I had actually convinced them to 'make a real video'. It occurred to me that while we were waiting, I should encourage Jock to drop his pants so we could see all the work he'd done over in Iraq.

You can really see the difference. The hotel party we had for the boys before they left became the subject of the video Hotel Party.

Altough the video that this precedes won't be up for a while, you can see other videos like featuring Jock and Zack on

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