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Naked MMA Part One (28 min)

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OK, first things first, even though this video is "Naked MMA Part One" there's no naked combat in this video...that's all in Part Two.

This all actually happened a couple weeks ago, during a period when Zack had moved back in with me for a little bit while he needed a place to stay. Four of our best friends, two guys and two girls, came over to hang out and drink with us. We're super-tight with them and so much like family that casual nakedness goes completely unnoticed. Which is good because Zack loves to be naked and doesn't care who's over he'll just let it all hang out.

B-Rad, the tall think guy is an amateur MMA fighter, who had a fight coming up soon (now past, he lost). Somehow or another, we were all drinking so I don't even remember, it got decided that Zack and and B-Rad should fight a couple rounds naked. I think they were kidding but then didn't want to back away from a dare...once you tell a marine "No balls" you can pretty much get him to do anything.

Zack hits the showers first, but everyones so casual both B-Rad and the other dude who we call Small Weenie drop in from time to time to conversate with a brother. Small Weenie, inspired, gets naked for a minute too, showing that he doesn't have a small weneie after all, so now we call him "Super Weenie". Okay so we still call him Smal Weenie cuz we know it bugs the shit out of him LOL.

When he's done, he doesn't bother putting on clothes, why bother? Fuck clothes! We're all pretty used to seeing Zack walk around naked by now anyway. This video is all about casual nudity and being comfortable around your friends.

There's also a litte preview clip at the end that shows what's coming in Part Two. Part One may not be all that exciting, but it's the setup for the next part which has B-Rad and Zack going three rounds in different style. OK so none of them are really MMA (mixed-martial arts), but there's some great action with Small Weenie reffing. You'll like it even more after wtaching this video and seeing these three best friends just chillin and not giving a damn that their buddy is hanging out with his cock hanging out.

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