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So you may have noticed, Zack is staying with me again. You know from previous posts how much the guy likes to be naked, recently he's been jerking off whenever he feels like it, too. I'll come out of my room and he'll be right there on the couch spanking away, and he seriously doesn't give a shit. So, it became my mission recently to get one of these sessions on video.

A couple of days ago it warmed up a bit around here and I knew my chance had come. If there's one thing Zack loves as much as wanking, it's being naked outdoors. So I turned on the camera and started following him around the house. Sure enough...

This video starts with Zack and I bullshitting outside on my side porch...about some buddies of ours that come over too much, and about the girl he's trying to see behind her husband's back (best part, he still talks to her husband like they're buddies). Fair warning, my porch is a fucking mess LOL. Anyway, pretty soon I convince him to move to the front porch where I know no one can see...cuz it's the first day that's been warm enough for him to want to drop his shorts. And sure enough, with a very little prodding, he does.

He enjoys the wind on his balls for a minute, and then I let him know about a new DVD I got recently that's all about outdoor sex, a favorite theme for both of us. He'd been bitching earlier about not being able to rub one out because there was always people over and so I mentioned that I had watched some of it the night before and it was pretty good...he took the bait and decided to let go a load.

You've seen Zack jerk it before, but this time I got some really great shots of his junk, which got hard the instant the video started and stayed hard even when his mom called right as he was getting started.

He finishes up by bowing a huge load, but it oozes out of his cock...strangely sexy. i couldn't resist and tasted some, which he thought was really gross but what the fuck, I wanted to see what he tasted like. Yummy!

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