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So MLK jr Day is my new favorite drinking holiday. My buddies had what they call a "96", that is, a 4-day weekend. I'm proud to say that we partied every single day. Friday was the first night, and one of my buddies brought over three of his buddies to hang with us. They were all super-cool but one--Matt--turned out to be a singularly cool individual who liked to get naked a lot. I found this out when he told us a story about him and a buddy suntanning--on duty--naked except for socks on the artillery range. And then he showed us a picture on his Facebook page...he was obviously not shy.

He and his buddies ended up sticking around for the entire weekend. I dunno maybe it was the fact that I shot a straight porn with a buddy of mine fucking a girl on a motorcycle in front of my house that enticed them to stick around. Anyway we ended up partying on Saturday as well, with a whole shitload of cool people coming over to throw down with me. We partied long and hard into the night, until by the early morning hours there were only a few of us left. That's when someone suggested a game of strip beer pong.

The game was originally supposed to be between 2 guys and 2 girls with a guy and a girl on each team, but then one of the girls had to go to work and it ended up just being two guys one on each side. Both had already decided they wanted to play strip beer pong, so they went right on ahead and did it anyway, and this time I had my video camera ready to go and I got the whole thing on tape.

At first Matt was beating the pants off Mike, literally, making cup after cup and forcing Mike down to his shorts before he even had to take off his shirt. Soon the tide begins to turn, and although Mike is soon forced to get naked (on Matt's buds says "Get naked! Let's see the cock"), in the next throw Matt is has to go down to his silkies (his ultrathin USMC PT shorts). Some of Matt's buds are watching and they give him some shit for wearing silkies as underwear calling him "motivated re-enlister". Matt's like "I had PT this morning!"

When Mike sinks another one and Matt finally has to drop his silkies they only have 3 cups left between them, but although it takes them most of the game to get down to 100% bare it takes them a while to finish off the game entirely--those last three cups are a killer--so they spend quite a bit of time fully naked with their bros and the girl from next door watching. One of the guys in particular is a real card and pops in frame to rub Matt's nipple at one point, and to tell a story about how Matt used to date his hot cousin and was walking around naked in his aunt's living room one day when his aunt saw him and Matt told her to "Look at it!"

Also, Matt goes outside to piss off my porch (urinate off the side, not make it angry). Mike comes from behind to win it, and would have stuck around for a rematch if he didn't have PT in just a few hours.

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