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Exercycle (55 min)

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My old buddy Zack dropped by the day before christmas to do some laundry. Now the thing about Zack is he has almost no clothes, he's living on a friend's couch and he has only one pair of jeans that never get washed because he can't take them of at the laundromat. Well he can take them off at my place. We only have so much time though because my Mom and two friends are out grocery shopping and they'll be back sooner or later. As a matter of fact, although I ran out of tape before this happened, they did come back before his shit was out of the dryer and he had to walk around with a comforter wrapped around him. Mom pretended to be all freaked out but secretly I think she liked it.

Anyhow, Zack gets naked, I take his clothes out to the wash for him (my machines are outside and right now it is freaking cold), he smokes a cigarette and then relaxes on my couch so we can catch up. It's actually been awhile since we've hung out. The first thing I want to show him is this crazy porn I ended up with the day before...I had gone out to the local watering hole for a football raffle and ended up winning a porn DVD(!). Another buddy of mine and I sat down and watched it later that night, and it turned out to be the worst porn DVD of all time. Like a train wreck, so impossibly bad you can't imagine that anyone taped it, much less put it on a DVD to sell it. I felt gypped and I got it for free. The one I have to show Zack first is this insane clown in full clown suit and demented mask, the look of surprise on Zack's face is priceless. The other is one where the girl has the worst boob job of all time. It's bad but not so awful that it doesn't give Zack a little wood from watching it.

Somehow or another we get on to my exercycle that's been sitting in a box since maybe July, and he offers to put it together for me. Turns out it's a snap to set up and pretty soon I have o excuse not to be riding it anymore.

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