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Zack Jackin (49 min)

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This update is something of a departure from what you usually see on MyStraightBuddy. It's a leftover from the roadtrip, one that I'm just now getting around to releasing. Zack and I were in some little shitty motel when we realized the roadtrip was costing us lots more than we had bargained for. We can really blow through some cash, I gotta tell you. We decided to tape a real solo video of him spanking his pud and try to sell that to someone. So it's kinda weird on this tape because I'm pretending not to know him, even though we're best bros and we've spent the last two weeks in a car driving across the US together.

This video starts out with me asking him basic interviewer questions, stuff you probably know the answers to already if you've watched his other videos.

Actually the funniest part is me pretending like I'm all hot and bothered, telling him he has beautiful blue eyes and saying how hot it is to watch him jerking like that. I'm sure you'll find it totally hot...but for me trust me I am taking one for the team. Now if he were fucking a girl that might be cool...I just have to laugh every time I hear myself say something in this video. What can I say, we thought it would be a quick way to earn some bucks.

Anyway, we get him down to his boxers and then he moves to the bed where he shows off his ass for the camera. Then he starts playing with his balls and stroking his thick cock. Here's where you can tell that we're actually really tight friends, cuz he lets me get in real close. At one point I'm shooting his package from underneath and the microphone jams him in the butt, I'm not sure anyone else could have got away with that.

It was really hot in the room, and we didn't want to turn on the a/c because it would have been really loud, so we had him finish up in the shower. unfortunately you can't actually see the spooge but you can definitely see the look on his face.

Then he hangs out naked for a minute smoking a cigarette. We were in a town that he used to live in and afterwards we went out to a watering hole that he used to go to, he met an old girl of his and we ended up bringing her back to the room and fucking her senseless...wish I could have taped that too.

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