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Roadtrrip 2: Buzzcut (24 min)

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Our final destination on the roadtrip was King's hometown, and when we got there he had called ahead and set up some girls for us to party with...basically drink some beer and try to get laid. We were still staying in a motel 'cuz King had just moved into a new (and very small) pad right before he came on the trip, his only furniture was a 52" plasma TV from Rent-A-Center and a twin bed. Zack and I were the only ones staying in the room but King was hanging out there with us instead of at home because it was more convenient. Plus, we had the alcohol with us.

After so much time on the road both of them were feeling kind of shaggy up top and both needed trims rather badly, especially to impress some girls (or so they thought, when we met them later on not so much). However we were seriously running out of time and in typical marine fashion they decided they could give each other quick barracks buzzcuts...what lazy marines do for each other when they need to pass inspection and had been drinking too much to make it to the barber the night before. Every marine is an amateur stylist for this reason ;)

Actually they were both going to hit the showers first, then do it, but I reminded them if they did it that way then their hair would be all wet and they'd jam up my clippers. Luckily by this time they were both naked and after so many days on the road together (and wrestling naked in Wells, NV) they were totally comfortable with each other and decided to trim each other up with their balls hanging out. Believe me, I lived in the barracks myself for years and I saw this happen plenty of times, when you're naked with your bros as much as marines are it doesn't even faze them.

Zack was up first, with King showing his skills with the clippers. When he was done, they switched and Zack took care of King. Watch the way Zack keeps his hand on King's shoulder while he's working, how close both of their packages come to rubbing on each other's legs, and how casually comfortable they are being naked with each other. Also they're banter is funny as hell, especially when whoever is getting trimmed is warning the trimmer that they'd better not fuck it up. Which to my eyes they do, as far as I can tell they both end up with Moe Howard (Three Stooges, bro) cuts...but they're happy. I won't lie they both went to Wal-Mart and professionals do it the next day, and I couldn't blame them.

Anyway, we ended up with a pile of hair on the floor, and both of them ended up in the shower together. We only had like 10 minutes to get ready and get out of there (well they did, I had got ready earlier so I had plenty of time). They had already showered together when (and because) they had been drinking, so it wasn't weird for them to hop in there together. In fact, I sort of got the impression that they both liked it.

That's it...we ran out the door with a quickness and got to the girls just in time. Both girls commented on the buzzcuts and the guys had a laugh telling them how they came about. I think the humor was what got them laid, because they both got lucky that night.

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