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Josh Chillin 3 (62 min)

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And now the last and the best installment in the Josh Chillin' series. This video closes out an amazing day I had with my one of my best bros, after a huge party held at my house. Josh and I are such tight bros we decided to say the hell with the clothes and we spent the whole day hanging out naked. Josh has an incredible body and in this last video you get to see it real up close and personal.

His girlfriend (sort of) is still out and our friends that dropped by have left. We're killing time until Cate returns with the car so we can get some beer, but it's taking forever for her to get back, so we decide to kill some time playing video games. We're totally just hanging out naked right next to each other like it's cool...and it is. It's a good friend you can be naked with and yet totally comfortable. That's tight.

It's getting late in the day and Josh, despite himself, is getting a little horny. Not enough to do anything crazy mind you, but enough that he starts playing with his balls and gets a little wood. There's not much too it, but it's such an honest display of sexuality you can't help but get turned on by it. Two best friends so tight that not only can we hang out naked together, but even get hard and play with our balls in front of each other without it being weird. That's what friendship is all about.

Unfortunately without his supply of beer he begins to fade out, or who knows what would have happened next. What does happen next is he falls asleep naked in my bed. He's out cold and I took the opportunity to get some more great close-ups of my buddy, knowing that he wouldn't mind. Cate finally showed up and she helped out by playing with his cock a little bit and getting him hard again. Unfortunately he's pissed at her for taking so long to show up that he lost his buzz that he's having none of it, and the video ends with us leaving Josh alone to sleep it off.

After all, it's been a very day ;)

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