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Zack Does Laundry (52 min)

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This is a bonus update. Its a full length update, but its even more aimless than usual. Zack had to do laundry and ended up naked again, but nothing really much happens and most of the video is Zack cooking some shit up in my kitchen. Neither one of us was really into it and so we just sort of give up at the end. I wasn't going to release this one at all...but I figured, what's the harm? And then when I started watching it, I realized, it's actually pretty hot.

For about the last month that he was in the service, Zack was over at my place pretty much every weekend, just so he could get the fuck out of the barracks. I have a washer and drier and so most of my buddies have brought laundry over at some pointóJosh always shows up with his, I'm not sure I'd recognize him if he wasn't holding a bag of dirty clothes. Sure they have facilities in the barracks but there you gotta fight over them with other marines and it's a pain in the my pad you can drink beer while-u-wait. It's way better.

Scene 1:

So, Zack and I were fucking around one afternoon, basically drinking and smoking on my front porch. He had just got back from the store with a new propane tank for my grill and the video opens with him attaching that. Then he moves a suitable distance away and smokes a cigarette, over by the cactus he was trying to fuck...

...the other night. He notices a piece with a big bite taken out and he wonders if he did it when he was drunk, but it wasn't him. So he does it now. That little fucker is crazy is all I'm saying. Then Zack realized he still needed to do his laundry if he wasn't gonna stink when we went out cruisin later. And that he needed to wash all his clothes, including (especially) the ones he was wearing. No problem bro...

I mean hell, he's naked almost all the time anyway.

So Zack strips down to his boxers. He takes all the shit out of his pocket and he's go a new knife, he doesn't know what kind because he 'found' it. I'm not even gonna ask but it's a nice knife.

Scene 2:

Then we go outside (it's the desert, everyone puts their appliances outside, the water heater is outside too. I'm surprised the bathroom isn't outside, hell it probably was until recently), where Zack saves his boxers for last, then strips these off and tosses them in. Now, what the hell do we do for an hour while we wait? Ah yes, Zack walked all the way to the store to get the propane tank, so we might as well grill something, right?

Except that we can't get the fuckin' gas to hook up right. For some reason it won't make a seal. So you get to watch a naked Zack try to fix the grill, all for nothing. Eventually he gives up. Poor guy, you can tell he's disappointed...we were both looking forward to some BBQ.

Scene 3-5:

You don't actually see it in the video, but right then a bunch of people came down my road on horses, so Zack has to step inside for a minute. The video resumes when they've gone. The rest of this video is just Zack cooking. I do still have a stove, so we just go inside and use that, but the poor guy was really disappointed that he couldn't BBQ naked outside, and in fact we got really bored and didn't even bother to finish this video. Something happens at the hear me knock something over and Zack say "Aw, dude!" but I don't even remember. Oh yeah, and Zack almost catches the house on fire.

I wish we'd finished it, but oh well. I will tell you, we ate dinner, Zack naked the whole time. He can cook, too, it was fucking delicious.

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