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This is the 3rd video in the trilogy. First Zack and I played "Quarters" and he ended up running around naked, then Josh came over and they cleaned my shotgun...naked in "Naked Shotgun Funtime".

When this video starts Zack is still naked and Josh still has his pants down. Something about cleaning my shotgun and running around naked all day (and not getting laid often enough) has made Zack horny-as-fuck and if you watch "Naked Shotgun Funtime" you'll hear him say tht he basically has to watch some porn and jerk off at some point. Not a problem...except that our friends Q and Caitlin (from "one Crazy Night") have just texted me to say they're on their way. They're great friends but Zack is pissed off because he has blueballs like a motherfucker and they are now intruding. We remind him that they won't give a fuck what he does, so he stays naked for when they come over. When they show up he's standing in the doorway smoking and says, "Yeah we're naked, so what?!" But so what is exactly what they think of it, they've seen Zack naked plenty of times and have pretty much come to expect fundamental wierdness at my house. they're not even fazed.

The first part of this video is just people drinking and acting like fools at my house. Zack tries to screw himself in the dick with my electric screwdriver, thinks better of it, then does it anyway (his reaction is priceless, I don't think he'll be doing that again). Then Q reminds him that he was going to try to snort beer through a straw (he snorted a tic tac in "One Crazy Night", and was going to try a beer but we didn't have a straw...this time Q has just finished some Jack-in-the-Box and there's a straw in his truck...and the cup isn't even filled with tobacco spit yet (on of the pleasures of hanging with the marines is ou always have to check your beer to see if it's been turned into a spit can).

I make Q get the bucket from the bathroom (the sole purpose of that bucket is for marines who, us, aren't feeling well...if you hang out with marines, always make sure you have a bucket) in case this stunt results in an accident. the first try doesn't work so well, but he gets it on the second try and his reaction is priceless, as is Q's. Apparently snorting beer is a real quick way to get lit.

Now Zack wishes to get back to business. He's a horny little fucker and he wants to jack off now, so we go back to my office and put on some pussy porn for him. Here's where you can really tell he's son as he ses some pussy he gets hard. Q comes in to ask some questions before he starts, there's some guy fucking with his little sister and Q wants Zack to give the dude a call and find out what's up. Zack agrees, and then Caitlin comes in to say that Q and Josh have taken off up some hill in front of my house that Q thinks there's ghosts on. Zack's just sittin there playin' with himself, but when she's gone he makes me close the door so he can get some peace and rub one out like he's been wanting to do all damned day.

He does, and all I'll say is for such a little guy he does have a big dick. He fucking rips one off, filling his hand with cum which he then threatens to rub in my face (I know, you would have let him do it).

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