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This video takes place immediately after the events of "Quarters". It's actually one long video, Quarters is the first part, this is the second, and the next video ("Horny Zack") is how the night finished off. I just spilt it up into 3 parts for convenience.

When this video starts Zack and I have decided to kill some time by going out and shooting the shotgun while we wait for Josh to arrive, since he won't fuckin' answer his phone and we have no idea how long that will be. Zack put on his sweatshirt and cowboy hat cuz it's still a little windy and chilly outside, grabs the gun and we set off to the empty field in front of my house to do a little shooting. I really do live out in the middle of nowhere which is great, and marines love to shoot things what can I say, especially marines that have grown up in litte farm towns and probably got their first shotguns when they were 6.

Josh finally showed up with Zack's cigarettes just as we were finishing up shooting (as pissed off that we kept calling him as we were that he wouldn't answer). I'm watching Zack smoke out on the porch (I also get him pissing on the wheel of my jeep), when Josh discovers the shotgun, yanks down his own pants and says he's going to show us "how rednecks cut down trees" (answer, with multiple shotgun rounds...but I'm pretty sure buckshot works better than birdshot). Zack takes the gun and start shooting between Josh's legs, I'm like "I'm not sure that's safe" and Zack assures me that it's not. Whenever he shoots the barrel jumps up and smacks Josh in the balls.

After all this shooting the gun needs to be cleaned, Zack and Josh want to show off by completely disassembling my shotgun, which is cool but I remind Zack that he's wearing "too much clothes", a problem he is more than happy to rectify. Josh just enjoys walking around the house with is pants down, although eventually he takes off his wife-beater and wraps it around his head claiming he's a ninja.

How can I even begin to describe what comes next? It's 40 minutes of Zack and Josh taking apart and then struggling to put back together my Mossburg. They're both marines with plenty of experience with weapons from before they came in the Corps., so I wasn't worried even tough it took them longer than they expected. All I can say is that the guys are a riot; drinking, fighting, and having fun with their pants down. Josh farts, playes with his knife, takes apart a shotgun shell and starts throwing the BBs at Zack, and generally being obnoxious and really least of you're not trying to concentrate on putting a shotgun together. Zacks having a hard time of it, especially when Josh starts dropping giant sloppy wet fart bombs, as Zack gets this horrified look on his face and orders Josh "Outside!". While I was editing this video that cracked me up every time I saw it.

Speaking of, if you like marines, smoking, or outdoors/public nudity...Josh hits all three of those at once.

This video ends with Zack finally getting the weapon back together again and marchinng right outside to test it, firing off a couple rounds butt-ass nekkid. Good shit.

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