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Quarters (37 min)

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Once I got the video footage that eventually became "One Crazy Night", I decided to keep going. I already knew that Zack loved to be naked, now I knew he was a ham for the camera. And I also knew he was perpetually broke. At the time this video was shot he was just days away from getting out of the USMC (he's out now) and trying to figure out how he was going to support himself on the outside. He's always coming to hang out and drink and it was easy to convince him to let me tape him some of our fun times as long as I kept him in beer.

He came over to hang out last weekend, mainly to get off base and drink. Saturday we went out to a bar, Sunday we decided to stay in and drink. I have a book of beer-drinking games which he looked through and of all the ones available we settled on that old standby, Quarters.

Zack is a sagger from some rural little town in Iowa, this video starts out with him with his shirt off, his cowboy hat on, and his pants sagging. Basically we were both trying to have some fun but since he was the only one making quarters in I was the only one drinking. You get to see the both of us playing quarters and him winning as I have to drink again and again which was not my plan at all.

Unfortunately in the background you can see my pad is in full bachelor mode. That's a mess acquired from having marines over several weekends in a row. Not only do I generally end up with a brewery's worth of beer bottles at the house, but during the rest of the week I'm working do hard I don't have time to clean up last week's mess. And no matter how shitty it gets it's still better than being on base so my buddies don't care. So please, ignore how full of crap my pad is.

In between plays he's calling girls he knows trying to get them to come over. Our buddy Josh has some girls at the bar he wants to bring over, so Zack figures he better hop in the shower if females might show up.

My favorite part of this whole video is when Zack tries to get Josh on the phone so he can bring cigarettes when he comes, but for whatever reason he's not answering anymore so Zack gets pissed off and yells at his phone, "Never fuckin' answers!!" Maybe it's the way he says it, it cracks me up every time. Zack is a funny motherfucker. Then he says "Shower? Yay!!" and drops his pants.

I make him go outside for a minute first just for the fun of it because that's how we do. He hangs from my eaves which is great but I keep telling him he has to go to the front porch so the neighbors can't see. They already got pissed off last year when monkeyboy was running around in my yard. In the front it's cool cuz no one can see&151;the house in background there is unoccupied. All the guys that come over hear think that you can around anywhere naked and I have to reign them in sometimes, I wish I didn't. If I didn't stop them these guys would tear off around the neighborhood with their dicks swinging. You'll probably get to see that soon anyway.

Zack gets in the shower, and water goes fuckin' everywhere My socks soak through as I'm standing in a big puddle of water, and he asks "Is it worth it?" You look at that body and you tell me guys.

When he gets out he walks around my house naked for awhile, and suggests that I shoot him "up" because his abs look so good from below. He ain't lyin, it's quite a view, especially when he puts his cowboy hat back on and starts talking cocky. Watch the preview video to see what I'm taking about. And he takes a cellphone picture of his dick to send to Josh because Josh is being a dick and not picking up his phone. It's great stuff.

He is totally comfortable hanging out naked ad he lets me zoom all the way in on his dick, wich is bleeding a little from where he shaved it. "There ain't nothin wrong with blood," he says. Oh yeah and he cocks slaps my camera, and then stand back and says, "I just totally cock slapped your camera," with the pride you only hear from a marine who's able to hit something with his dick.

Somewhere in there, so much happens in this video I can't remember exactly where, I get Zack to tell the story of how he almost ended up going to prison for burning a gas station down when he was 14. Can you imagine this kid in jail?

This video ends with Zack (somewhat reluctantly) putting on his boxers because theoretically Josh is going to show up with girls soon. But his boxers are all he's going to put on, and he sits there for a little bit and converses with me with his cock hanging out of his shorts.

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