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Fun in the Bathroom (Two) (25 min)

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I promise I wont be making all my movies in the bathroom...but since I'm A) naked in there a lot anyway, and B) I'm free, so i can film myself in there whenever I want, and C) lots of guys like watching dudes in their natural environment, so there you go. Perhaps someone will really get off on the idea of watching me do my morning thing...with no one else there, like there's a hidden camera or something.

So this latest video was shot with just the window open and no other lights, so it has a very natural look to it. I couldn't so the actual scene in the shower again, as water went everywhere last time. But you get to see a bit more of my morning ritual in this I brush my teeth and stuff. It's really like being a fly in the wall, or being the sneaky next-door neighbor who has a hole drilled in my bathroom wall and is peekin' in on me.

Like I had to finish up on the can, same as in the other one. If you're tired of seeing guys spank it on the same old couch, watch me spank it in places where guys really do their work. It's as real as it gets.

I've been jerking off a <>i>lot lately though, so it was a little difficult to wring one out at the end. I kept almost getting there, and you know how that is...there's no such thing as 'almost' when you're rubbing one out...if I've started I am damn well gonna finish! So the last few minutes of spanking in this movie are really intense.

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