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Randy, Neo & Caleb Part 1 (26 min)

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The boys and I were at home chillin', just having a good time playing beer pong when things started to get out of hand and I knew it was time to pick up the camera.

Randy and Caleb were best bros from the same Marine Corps unit at 29 Palms, awesome inseparable friends. Neo is MY best friend, along with Randy and Caleb, so we all became buds last year. Three better friends (and drinking buds) you cannot find.

Did I mention we like to drink together? Yeah we do. It's how we always end up playing beer pong. It's how we always end up playing NAKED beer pong. In fact that happens so much that this night I was not taping it cuz I was tired. And then I realized shit was getting so crazy and there was so much testosterone in the air that I absolutely had to turn on the camera, Just in time, as it turned out.

Sure enough these masculine Marines were pushing and shoving their way into a wrestling match, even though they were naked and their hot cocks were out for show. Just Randy and Neo, with Caleb as Ref. I could tell Caleb was enjoying reffing with his dick out as much as Neo and Randy were enjoying wrestling naked.

Neo and Randy were pretty evenly matched. Both are muscled from top to bottom, spending plenty of time in the gym lifting and working out (sometimes together if you want to picture that in your head). Randy has bigger arms and is more compact, Neo is taller and has more leverage. Randy has had a little more to drink. At one point Neo chokes Randy and he passes out, and Caleb has to pur beer in his mouth to revive him—a typical Marine response to your buddy needing help lol.

They grapple for several rounds on the floor; Randy's cock and balls go into Neo's face a bunch of times, but Neo comes back and dominates Randy by sitting on him on his chest. You'll have to watch the video to find out who won, but I think you will agree that the real winners are us who get to watch this video!

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