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This is another one that had to wait its turn in line, but I'm so happy to be able to show you now. Recorded last year when both Randy and Neo had just days left in the Corps, it was almost hard to watch because I miss both these guys so much. Luckily they're not that far away and you and I will def see them both again. especially since they both still have videos in the queue. Unfortunately for now this is the only one with them together, which is a shame because they make such a great pair.

Believe it or not this is actually the first video I shot with Randy. You've seen him a bunch of times now but those were all shot after this one, the reason is I'm going in order with the Neo vids.

Anyway, I met Randy in a bar about two months before this, and we started hanging out cuz he's cool AF. Seriously one of the coolest dudes ever, but this was the first time I actually found out how big his dick was (huge and uncut). We had been talking some time about going shooting out in the desert, same with Neo. With the both of them about to get out of town, the time came where we had to get our shit together.

Since this was his first video, Randy would only get naked if his girlfriend was there. So yes a chick pops up for a few seconds, don't stress she's barely in it at all, and she got Randy to take his dick out, so she's a hero in my book. BTW although I called her Randy's girlfriend, fuckbuddy is more like it. Later on she sucked Neo's dick a bit too, off camera (you get to see his semi, though).

In the car on the way out to my special shooting area (a very, very remote part of the desert out of range of everything) Randy and his girl were in the back seat, and she started to give him a blowie. The first couple of times Randy was a little nervous on camera and his dick wasn't cooperating. It's fun to watch him just hanging out naked with his cock rocking out in the back seat though, and Neo driving and not giving a fuck.

At the area we set up a bunch of beer cans as targets, it's all we had. Randy surprisingly had never shot a shotgun before, despite naming off an impressive list of weaponry he's fired during his time in the Marine Corps. He takes to it quick, though.

Do you like naked men smoking? Because both these guys smoke quite a bit, and I fucking love smoking guys for some reason so I encouraged them to smoke as much as they wanted.

Neo and Randy had hung out more than Randy and I had, so they have a great camaraderie going. I get them to talk about their USMC days a bit, and then after picking up our trash (I didn't actually bother to record that opart) we went home.

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