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Randy and Caleb are best friends and have been for about as long as they've both been stationed here in the Marines. Their times here almost matched but Caleb got here a little later and so got out a little later, waiting for him to get out of the Corps is why I've been sitting on this video, which was actually shot on--get this--Christmas.

What were you doing Christmas morning? Would you rather have been watching me unwrap these Marines instead of whatever you got? Even if you got something fucking amazing, I wouldn't have traded you for this amazing night.

Christmas is funny for the military. Often the guys are stuck here in the desert when they would rather be home (wherever home might be) with their families. And we're a rough bunch, so we're not much for presents and trees. The guys wanted to have some fun that would take their minds off the holidays, so we ended up in my buddy's garage with a metric shit-ton of beer and alcohol.

At this point we had actually been partying for two days, I'll post some of the party that preceded this (which had shirtlessness but no ass) in the iPhone Video section so you can get some context. Good times.

On Christmas Eve, with plenty of party still left in us, we gathered in Derby's Garage to rage again. And by morning, shit was getting a little crazy, and someone--not even me believe it or not--brought up strip beer pong. Randy and Caleb immediately agreed.

Apologies for the loudness of the tunes...this wasn't a porn shoot, it was an actual Marine party that by some miracle I got to tape the goings on at, so the music is at a party volume. We have good taste in party music so, enjoy. You can tell it's Christmas because we play a metal version of "Your a Mean One, Mr. Grinch" by the Small Town Titans (, which is about as Christmasy as we're ever going to get. Good times.

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