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Cpl Randy Beer Pong (35 min)

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OK, for those of you on my public Snapchat (msb_joe), you met Randy here a while ago, and you've been following his crazy antics and out friendship for a minute now. If you're not on my Snapchat (again, just do a search for 'msb_joe') you've been missing out big time.

A note about my Snapchats. I have two accounts, one of them ('msb_joe') is free for everybody. That's the one where you can follow along with me as I hang out with these awesome Marines in my daily life. The other is my private account, where I show everything. Members of MyStraightBuddy get access to my private snaps. If you had both, you would have seen Randy and I talke a roadtrip back to his hometown together on my regular Snaps, and then Randy naked taking a shower at the motel we stopped at along the way.

If you were on my public snapchat you would have seen the huge party that led up to this. It was a giant blowout in my buddy's garage, Randy and a bunch of other Marines got shirtless in front of everyone playing beer pong and it was hot af.

Next day I took the table back to my house, and set it up in my living room so a few friends could come over and play. And after that was all over, Randy got off duty and wanted to play, so I said sure. Randy had been talking all night about naked/strip beer pong so I had a good feeling that something would go down, meaning his jeans. When you see that huge cock, something of yours will go up! Oh yeah Randy has a big old dick.

Randy brought his girl with him, and you can hear her in the background as well as see his reactions when she takes off her top and shakes her tits at him. You don't ever actually see her, though.

Randy has a magnificent body, huge dick, a great personality and is straight as hell. It doesn't take long for all of Randy's few clothes to come off, and he's all about showing off his hotness.

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