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Robert's After Bar Blowjay (30 min)

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My buddy Robert came over last weekend, ready to go out to the bar with me but only if he could crash at my place so he didn't have to drive back on base. Of course I said yes.

We went out, had fun, and Robert got himself a serious set of bluebells from eyeing the chicks in the bar, none of whom had any interest. When we got back it weren't but a minute before Rob was in his USM bottoms, and it weren't but another minute before he had some porn on. Well apparently his balls were blue enough that he decided he wanted a blow jay. I said OK as long as I can tape it and to my shock and surprise he said yes.

Fair warning: it had been a long night at the bar for both of us, so we were both pretty fucked up when we got back to my house. He looks like he passed out when I'm blowing him but he's not, as you can tell at the end when he cums. Although he did pass out about 2 seconds afterwards and snored like a freight train all night long. It was worth it, though.

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