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Fun in the Bathroom (One) (18 min)

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I had on of the biggest wanks of my life today.

I have a new appreciation for how hard it is to jerk off on camera. I love being on camera. I'm not in the least bit shy and in fact the reverse, my problem is that I'm not shy enough. However, I love showing off for the camera and watching myself in the viewfinder makes me hot.

But when it comes time to drop a load's almost impossible to finish.

In the end it just makes for a longer video, though...

It started off innocently enough, I really only wanted to some "basic nakedness" tape, so I set up the camera to record me as I was taking a shower (actually sort of picking up where I left off from the day the lights went out). I really wanted it to be just totally there was a hidden camera in my bathroom that you could watch. But of course, knowing the camera is on I can't resist, and pretty soon I'm sporting some massive wood and it's like the head of my cock is so swollen it might pop off.

I also got so into it that I didn't notice water from the shower was going every-freakin'-where. Ah well.

Now this is where the problem kicks in--I could do that all day long. But all the activity was starting to wear the poor little guy out and while I could continue to edge myself forever, I could feel the Money Shot slipping away, so I sat down on the can to finish up. I almost came three times, and then right as I'd feel a Big O coming on it would start to slip away.

I concentrated hard, and thought about my favorite fantasy, which right now is about these four friends who go camping and get naked and go ATVing's based on a picture I have in my galleries. It's a guaranteed spooger for me! When it finally came, or rather when I finally came, it waqs like a damn bursting and flooding a whole village. Holy shit!

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