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Party Fuck Part 1 (27 min)

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So if you remember about 2 months ago, I posted a video called "Naked Havasu", shot on a Labor Day trip to Lake Havasu, which is basically a party spot for drunk college kids especially on holidays like Labor Day. The marines love to go because there's no chicks out here in the desert, but plenty of them at Havasu. There's lots of boning. Lots and lots and lots of boning.

Everyone got laid there, multiple times, often wading behind a boat in the lake. After a whole weekend of this, we all retired to the room and basically decided to chill the fuck out.

Not my buddies Tony, Kenny, and Chrissie. They were down to fuck some more, I got out the camera and committed their debauchery to videotape. The whole thing is a hot mess though, because the guys were fuck-tired and besides having drank beer all day, had already fucked in the lake several times that day. They were still horny though, and if there was pussy to be had they were going to have some of it. So, sometimes they're fucking, sometimes they're playing beer pong.

I had planned to put the hardcore scenes on SemperFuck, and people have been on my case ever since to get off my ass and do that. The bits where Tony shaved himself in the shower and they played beer pong I put here on MyStraightBuddy.

but when I started editing the hardcore scenes I realized that there was a ton of MyStraightBuddy worthy material in there too. The camera is almost always on the guys, you hardly see the girl at all, and there's lots of parts where they're just chillin, and you get to appreciate the guys. Perfect for MyStraightBuddy.

Only it came out to over an hour long and would be over a gig to download, so I'm breaking it up into 2 parts. I'm still going to post just the hardcore scenes over on SemperFuck as one hardcore video. But I knew you guys would want to see this, too.

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