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Jack's Tattoo (46 min)

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So Jack decided he wanted a tattoo, and against my better judgement and advice, he decided he wanted Zack to give it to him. Specifically he wanted a tribal tiger in a place that would require him not to be wearing any pants, so I said I'd pay for the tatt if he'd let me tape it. This video starts out with Zack, Jack and I hanging out one night. You've seen two houses now, my old place that Zack was staying at that was being painted and renovated, and my other place (now long gone, although there is one more video that takes place there) where Jack was chilling with me for a few days. Zack was in town visiting and that always equals long nights and lots of booze.

Zack makes himself some kind of vile drink-when you hear me freak and and say "Nooo!" it's because he's about to add Apple Pucker, which seems like a lot worse of an idea than it is. Not that I would drink a lot of it but it wasn't as awful as you would think. Zack has an iron stomach but Jack and I stuck with the Bud Light thank you. Around this same time Jack was pursuing some chick online, over Facebook. He's checking his messages every like 3 minutes, he even admits on video that he is a 'Facebook whore', and none of us disagree with him. The girl wants a picture, which he is happy to provide and gives him an excuse to take off his jeans, if not his marine silkies, wich he still wears (silkies are the cammo green ultra thin and super-suggestive boxers marines wear...Jack hasn't been in the USMC for a while, because he was locked up in the brig for a while, but he still has a bunch of USMC clothes from back in the day).

Once the jeans are off everything might as well come off, because he's about to get tatted up anyway. He starts off with a piss and a shower, and then shaves the area a bit with Zack's razor which causes us both to laugh. Zack, if you ever watch this...Jack used your Gillette on his crotch ;) And then down to business. You get to watch Zack getting verrrry close to Jack's solid package, which is just flopping thereabout 3 inches away from where Zack's needle is. Oh yeah, I almost forgot...Zack had to transfer the drawing he did (of a tribal tiger) to Jack's leg. Jack was standing there letting him do this but was holding his junk in his hands, and I suggested that this was unnecessary, but maybe it was because as soon as his hand was down Zack smacked him good.

This became a running gag for Zack throughout the night, I'm surprised Jack didn't beat the shit out of him but it did lead to some playful wrestling later. Also I should mention that, just because Zack owns a tattoo gun (which I got him), doesn't mean he knows the first thing about tattooing. So there's some increasingly comical bits where Jack starts coming to the same realization, despite the fact that I warned him many times that you absolutely do not want Zack doing anything complicated (like a tribal tiger). This video was shot months ago and Jack moved away shortly after, so I haven't seen it since--I'm pretty sure it looks like a patch of black mold. I did warn him LOL. When done, Jack takes a much-needed piss break and after he shakes it off and walks into the kitchen Zack is waiting ready to slap him again (of course). Buit this time it's war! Jack is outgunned though, Zack quickly has control and forces Jack to the floor, and then onto his back. We've ben at it all night and by this time we were all beat and ready to hit the sack, despite the fact that you can see the morning light shining through the windows. Good night!

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