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Will Paint for Beer (37 min)

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This video is actually a continuation of Buzzcut 2. Zack has just got done giving Jack a really terrible buzzcut. We all told Jack at the time it was fine but's a good thing Jack didn't have any kind of inspection the next day (not that he would, unlike most of the guys on this site Jack is a former marine).

When this was taped Jack had been out of the brig for about 7 days, and he was enjoying the hell out of his freedom. It was a hot, hot summers day and an overworked fuse blew on the cooler so it was a sauna in my house but we were there to fix it up and I was only going to be there for a few days so we had to make the best of it.

It's hard enough for Jack to keep his clothes on in the best of circumstances, but having just got a naked buzzcut and facing a hard job in a hot house, he decided there was no point to putting any pants on and I did not encourage him to. You might well be noticing at this point: "That Jack, he sure does a lot of painting." Like I said, he had just got out of the brig and a brother needed some cash, and a year of crazy parties had taken its toll on both houses so I needed a lot of painting done.

It didn't hurt at all that Jack likes to paint naked so he doesn't fuck up his clothes. Only this time Zack is there with him. Now in the video Zack's Back we saw the aftermath of a particular mistake that Zack namely that he moved in with some stripper in Reno and when she kicked him out he showed up at my house, just in time for a party.

Since he needed a place to stay I let him hang out at the desert pad Knowing Zack, I'm actually shocked that he had his clothes on at all, he usually out of them faster than anybody. Back when he lived with e we used to just hang around the house naked cuz there was no point in putting clothes on when it was just us. Eventually the heat caught up with him and Jack and I were both like, what are you of all people doing with your clothes on?!

These two are totally comfortable naked around each other and this video is just the bullshitting while they do their work. At the end they crack beers and hang out in the doorway...almost outside and totally where anyone could see them if there was anyone there to look. It's hot to watch these two bros chill together with their dicks out like it ain't nothing but a thing.

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