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Trevor and Joe Jerk Off (23 min)

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I was visiting my buddy Trevor recently—he got stationed elsewhere a while back, but he remains maybe one of the tightest friends I've ever had, and as per our usual m/o we had a lot of fun in the motel room and he ended up, um...sleeping...pretty hard. Now we're super, super tight bros, so I knew I could get away with waking him up with a solid back massage and he wouldn't freak out. I put the camera on a tripod, but right in the middle our mutual buddy Nick Gunner showed up early and instead of letting that interrupt my plans, I just handed Nick the camera and let him shoot. both Trevor and I were horny afterwards and so we decided to rub one out there together, and him being the mischievous little fuck he is, decided that when he came to aim for me and had a long enough shot to reach!

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