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Zacks Back! (41 min)

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Well if you ever wanted proof that anything can happen if you wait around long enough, I submit to you tonights video as evidence. My old buddy Zack, who long ago got out of the USMC and went back home apparently ended up in Reno with a stripper who apparently turned out to be crazy. A long drive and two stops by the Highway Patrol later he showed up at the house of some friends of mine who were getting ready to come visit me. All of us ended up partying pretty hard that night--the cops got called twice, and a bunch of us ended up naked anyway. I apologize for being too far-gone to tape that, but when I woke up the next morning and Zack was still passed out (or so I thought) naked on the futon outside, I took full advantage. Turns out he was horny, too!

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