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Gangbang Part 1.5 (27 min)

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So I guess I've been shooting a lot of gangbangs recently. This one is a completely different one than the last one. One of my favorite buddies, Styx, and two more guys came down to have a gangbang with two girls for my other site, The chemistry between everybody was intense, and for a long time all any of us wanted to do was drink and have a good time.

Consequently when we finally go started, it was like 2 in the morning and everyone was a little boozed up. Hours later everyone was all fucked out and only Styx had cum, so I called it a night and all the guys agreed that they'd finish the next morning. We'd pretend it was the same night, and they'd all finish by jacking off on Danica. We'd make it look like that was just the end of the scene from the night before. Well once again Styx was the only guy who came, my other two buddies Smokey and Cabo kept going and going, and going so long that eventually Danica got horny and started fucking them again in a scene that turned out way hotter than anything from the night before. So, Gangbang Parts 1 and 2 will appear on This is Part 1.5 (or 'Part One and a Half" as I like to call it but that name was just too damned long).

It startes out with everyone sitting around bullshitting about the night before, and how one of our buddies had a hoodie on while he was 'evaluating' the scene and looked like a Jedi. Smokey says 'Bend over and let me see your dark side" which cracks everybody up. Everyone's having a good time but eventually I realize: people are wearing too many clothes. Once the guys are back to the state they were born in they gather around Danica, who starts by giving Cabo a BJ. Styx soon joins in (getting a BJ from Danica not sucking off Cabo). They're wondering where the third dick has gone off to when Smokey shows up and sticks his cock into the mix. Meanwhile Danica is a little weary of trying to finish off 3 guys at once, so she sits back and the guys help themselves out, jerking off in a line.

All three of them are looking particularly fine as the stand shoulder to shoulder stroking their thick meaty dicks. Look for the part when Cole from Active Duty shows up unannounced to deliver something to Dink and walks in to a scene that would be fucked up and embarrassing at anyone else's house but is fun and awesome at Dink's. This video features a lot of hot guy jerkoff action, but like I mentioned earlier it ends up with the guys heading outside to fuck Danica in the backyard on the outdoor couch set, and you'll have to head over to to see that pussy-pounding action, if you like that sort of thing as much as I do.

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