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Gettin Ready (30 min)

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Recently I had he pleasure of meeting a new crew, and among them a guy who was destined to be a new best friend. He's an awesome guy to jang out with, and today's video is of trev at my new house getting ready to go out for a night on the town. This video starts off in my new back yard. We had a serious heat wave recently, pretty much a whole summer condensed into a few days. Luckily for you one thing I found out about Trev right off was that he likes to be naked as much as I do, so it was no problem to convince him that the reason he was too hot was that he was wearing too many clothes. I have the perfect back yard for it, too. Fenced in and private, there's a pool and a refreshing waterfall (everyone should have one, I'm serious).

Trev is one of those guys who is if anything actually more comfortable nekkid and he really got into exploiting the new place with his huge cock swinging. There's some phantom stairs that run up to my back fence, I had never been up there to see what was on the other side but he was all about it. Turns out there was an old lady watering her garden! Luckily she couldn't see anything, although Trev's long cock might have been the hilight of her day. Trev really made the most of his new found freedom, and the camera loves following his hot ass around, especially when he turns on my waterfall and cools himself off under it. Yum! But we have things to see and people to do, so it's inside to the shower.

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