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Naked Beer Pong 2 Pt 2 (17 min)

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When we last saw Lucky and Styx, Lucky had been talking a lot of shit about how he was an amazing unbeatable beer pong player that couldn't be beaten, and then had his ass handed to him by Styx, which was hilarious. It's always easy to convince a dedicated beer pong player, and Styx and Lucky are both that, to go another round, and so they do, with Dink watching on and providing, if not exactly color commentary, at least colorful commentary. Undaunted by Styx's previous win, Lucky came back strong. But who cares about the beer pong?

Just check out the two hot guys totally comfortable and casual being naked, having a great old time just rockin' out with their cocks out. Lucky in particular gets into the music and grooves like a white boy with his dick swinging. He's a little cocky too and likes to shoot off his mouth, which I find endearing and Styx finds amusing. He just observes it all and makes dry comments when appropriate. I love that man's sense of humor, and that's one of the reasons he's one of my favorite buddies to hang around, he'll crack you right up. Who one this one? Did Lucky eventually make good on his earlier boasts? You'll just have to watch to find out!

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