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Naked Beer Pong Part 1 (27 min)

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Some buddies and I were hanging out over at Dink's a while back, and since there wasn't much else to do my buddies ended up playing beer pong in Dink's living room (apparently the man has his carpet scotch-guarded to degree I can't even begin to imagine, or he just likes to live dangerously). It all started when my boy Lucky proclaimed himself practically the king of all beer pong. Well my other buddy wasn't about to take that laying down and challenged him to a game, which Lucky assured us would be a bloodbath of almost epic proportions, that we would remember for the rest of our lives as the day we were truly schooled in the ways of beer pong. Lucky then says that one thing that's guaranteed to happen when he drinks, his clothes fall off. I asked him if he was drunk and he said no...not yet. Not willing to wait I simply dared the both of them to get naked. Of course it turns out that's hardly a dare with these two. You'll have to watch this video to fid out who wins, but suffice to say Lucky probably wishes he hadn't talked so much shit ;)

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