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John on the Balcony (25 min)

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John is one of those guys that's just totally a sexual being. He's very lucky in that he's found a girl that's the same way...or when we were making this video. Both of them are into no-rules, no-hangups sex. So you'll see John do some stuff that you don't normally get to see a straight guy do, but you'll see them get done by his girlfriend.

John answered one of my ads (as opposed to getting one nof my cards handed to him, like Dan). He desribed himself as a guy that liked being on the recieving end of anal sex...loved shit getting put up his ass. I thought he was gay, which is fine...he wouldn't be going on this site but I might be able to use him someplace else. I asked him if he'd be comfortable with me sucking his dick, and he said yes.

And then he showed up with the girlfriend. I asked, and he says, "Yeah, I'm straight...I just don't care...whatever feels good man, do it." Well alright then.

This video was shot at the same location Dan's was, but on the other side of the building. This side of the building also has a balcony, but it's enclosed on the street side by wood slats, and on the city side there's an actual wall that comes up to just above dick-height. I knew that John, being even wilder than Dan, would be cool with filming his whole video out there.

I also thought that, even though you could see out of the slats, due to angles and stuff no one on the street or in the houses on the opposite side of the street could see in. I even remark on this at the start of the video, that it looks like people can see in but they really can't. We all thought the car honk we heard was a random coincidence.

I probably should have checked before we actually started shooting, but I'm glad I didn't, 'cuz if I'd known everyone could see in just fine I probably wouldn't have done it.

So, when you watch this video...just know that we are all in full view of a somewhat busy street. It's a good thing we were in San Francisco.

Anyway, John is not shy. He doesn't need direction, he doesn't need encouragement. I've seen him since then in other videos, and I can see why he chose that path, I could tell even back in the beginning that he was a natural for it. If you've seen John before, perhaps under another name...this is what he was doing beforehand.

He starts by feeling himself up, then he pulls his huge dick out and tries to lick it. He can almost make it...touching the head of his dick with his tongue.

He quickly stands up where he can see out over the balcony out into the city. Every time I see this video it makes me hard as a rock just thinking about all the people that could have been watching.

John is comfortable with the ass play, so you get to see him work his hole for a bit. He actually pushes his dick all the way under and in, fucking himself with his own dick!

Then I ask him if he's still cool with getting his dick sucked by me. He is...and I hand the camera to his girlfriend. She's been there being "inspiration" for him the whole time, just off camera. Now she's behind the camera. Undfortunately she's not a really good cameraperson, so that part of the video is a little bit haphazzard. But how many other videos can you see where the straight guy who's getting his dick sucked by a doing so in front of his girlfriend. Now that's hawt.

After some more intense stroking, John finishes up by getting his ass reamed by his girl. He bends over, and she sticks her fingers in and goes to town as he yanks his pud. She really works him can see the intense look on both their they both love to get crazy and do it on camera. She makes John make some serious fuck-faces before he finally blows his load for the third time. Yes, that's right...this video has three cum shots. The dude has incredible dick control.

Immediately after this video we shot another one, this time of his girl, "kitty". It was intended to be a solo video as well (this one inside on the bed), but John couldn't resist jumping in and licking his girl out, which was awesome. I love straight guys!

Incidentally, John went on to get more work and I've seen him elsewhere since then.

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