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The Batcave (19 min)

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My buddy J recently got out of the USMC a couple months ago, but stayed in town because he was working a construction job. He started growing the mohawk and the goatee pretty much the minute he drove out the front gate.

Eventually though it was time for him to leave town and head home. For the last couple weeks he, like so many of my buddies, ended up hanging out at my place for a while. The night before this was taped he woke me up in the middle of the night cranking the tunes and I was pretty pissed off, which you'll hear me mention at the start of the video. Overall he's a really good guy though and I was sad to see him go...

This was recorded right before he was supposed to go airport and fly back home. The Batcave is a local cave that he had been promising to show me for some time, and as someone who really digs caves I wanted to make sure he showed me where it was before he left so I could take other friends there. It's right outside of town, you park at the grocery store to walk there and it overlooks the city, but when we tried to go inside we discovered that we were only able to go in about 20 feet because the main body of the cave had been closed off.

It's called the Bat Cave because it used to be filled with bats, which don't scare me at all. We only saw one though, which flew right at his head and he screamed like a little girl. I'm just sayin'... Anyway afterwards we both took off our clothes and went for a naked hike around the area, which was all kinds of fun.

He and I both hate clothes and it was great hanging out with our cocks out. Like I said, the spot where we were overlooks the city but it's far enough away that even if someone down there was looking right in out direction they wouldn't be able to tell that we were there. Which is good because the first thing we noticed was there was a helicopter flying around and for a minute it looked like he was gonna fly right over us. He didn't (whew!). We had a great time that day, running around with out cocks slapping back and forth. I actually got hard for a minute, I was enjoying it so much. He plays with his cock a bit too but he had fucked his girlfriend four times in a row that day (so he claimed) and couldn't make anything of it...but you still get to see him play with himself a bit. With the time for his flight fast approaching, we had to stop and put on our clothes.

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