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It's almost Joe's last day in the marines (shot on a weekend, he has maybe about 3 days left in this video), and I knew that before he left you'd want to see that big, thick dick in action again...this time with a huge cum shot.

Surprisingly Joe's not that 'cocky' (pun intended) about the size of his dick. He doesn't even think it's that big. It falls on me to tell him he's mistaken. Turns out a bunch of girls agree with's impressive to look at and fun to watch, but some girls just can't take it.

No girls around today though. After asking him a couple standard questions (craziest place he's ever done it: a haunted house ride at the amusement park), he drops his pants and starts to stroke his thick slab of meat. He may say he doesn't think it's that big but I think he's just playing, 'cuz he does love to show it off. I would too if I was swinging that between my legs.

After having him move over to my couch for a better view I put on some porn for him and he gets to work. It's cute because although we're bros and he likes to show off, he's a little shy at the same time. I have to encourage him to take his pants off all the way, and it's a little work to get him to stand up and show himself off a little more.

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