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So last weekend we had a big party at my place. Lots of marines and a couple girls came over, and we ended up partying to way, way late. How late? When this video starts the last hangers on have just gone to bed, the sun has come up, and it's just me a my buddy Joseph left standing. And let me tell you, we are both plastered. It's a good thing the camera has autofocus.

Now Joseph knows that I produce straight porn, and has wanted in on the action for some time. Add to that he's slept with a couple girls I know, and he comes highly recommended. I wasn't really in the mood to run an audition or anything, but here at 8 in the morning after a blotto party, Joseph wants to show off his shit now. He insists that I get out the camera. I feel like he and I are both way to shwasted to do anything useful, but and won't take no for an answer. Eventually I gave in and the rest you can see for yourself.

First surprise, he's got a HUGE cock, I mean massive. And he's horny as fuck, which is th real reason he wants to do an audition right now. But he's surprisingly a little shy, so you get to watch as I talk my buddy out of his clothes. And I'm not being weird about it either...if he wants to audition for one of my straight porn videos, he'll have to really audition. I don't care how big your dick is, I want proof you'll be able to use it before I set you up with a girl. Plus I can tell that he's horny and just needs a little push.

Mind you, the whole time we're doing this we're in my living room and there's guys from the party passed out on the couch and the floor. He doesn't care...with a little encouragement he strips down and starts stroking his monster cock right there in front of everybody (OK, so they are all completely passed out). He really knows how to play to the camera, too.

OK they may have been passed out in the beginning but eventually some of them did stir a little bit and were surprised to see their buddy jerking off in a chair. No problem, we moved back into my office which had the added advantage of me being able to put some porn on the computer for him.

Now the fact that he had been drinking hadn't been a problem for him to start, but it started being a problem now. He just couldn't finish. It was funny, he'd stop and pull up his jeans, and then a few minutes later he'd realize he was still horny and start going again, so you'll see him switch back and forth...he's naked, then he has his pants on again and is taking his dick out...We were both super-tired too...I really wanted to go pass out with the rest of the crew and this video ends with me knocking over my mostly full beer onto my computer keyboard. The end

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