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Not long after Matt got back from Iraq, he married his sweetheart. Actually, they eloped to Vegas. They were far too broke for a honeymoon, and ended up staying at my place for a few days. Not a vacation to the Caribbean to be sure but but at least they could spend some time fucking without him having to go back to the barracks.

You've seen quite a bit of Matt by now, he's a man who loves to be naked. In fact he used to come over to my place just so he could strip off and run around with his cock hanging out. His girl is the same way and after a full day of drinking and beerbonging naturally the two of them ended up clothes-free.

The video starts off with what was probably the 18th beerbong of the day (we lost track after awhile), and his girl cannot wait to get him out of his shorts. Back then I had a double beerbong (it has since fallen apart from overuse LOL) so he does it naked.

Now this is sort of a unique video, since what actually happens next is they get to fucking. You can see that part of the video on my other site, This video is the parts where they stopped boinking for a few minutes to take smoke breaks and do some more beerbongs and such. You get to watch Matt take a piss, and hang out nekkid on my porch smoking, and in general show off how comfortable he is showing off that chisled body he got over in Iraq (there's mot much to do over there so all my bros come back buff).

Two notes: A) Although you know him as Matt, "Jock" is the nickname he goes by which is why this video is called "Jock on Leave". The fucking part of this video over on is called the same thing if you are so inclined to check it out, and B) sadly this marriage didn't work out. They were impulsive kids who didn't think before they got hitched in Vegas, and it turns out the were much better together when he was overseas. This is why you'll see her on getting fucked by Zack on my couch...she and Matt were no longer together when that video was made. Sad, but for the best.

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