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I've said it before, I will say it again: Marines make the best bros you can have, but you have to get used to the fact that they all leave, sooner or later.

This time it was Josh's turn to go. Unlike Zack (and a lot of my other friends here, incidentally), he actually made it to the end of his enlistment and was honorably discharged. He's now spreading his seed all over his little hometown, probably fucking a different girl in the backseat of his car out in the woods somewhere nearly every night.

But before he left, we had a huge party out at my pad. It was a huge rager and lots of fun, and I can't rightly tell you why I was so lame as to not get any tape of the actual party itself. There was a keg, and a stripper, and everybody had a great time. One guy kept trying to show me his dick and actually took it out and started jerking off by the firepit. Why didn't I tape this shit? Oh well, there'll be more parties. But anyway...

So the next afternoon I wake up (the party went in til 7 am) and Josh is walking around naked. Actually, he woke me up to tell me he was running around naked. Thinking more clearly than the night before, I grabbed my camera and started taping. This is the first tape.

Scene 1 starts off with me describing all the compliments his girlfriend Caitlin got during the party. Now she and Josh aren't really dating, but they also sort of are. Sort ofI can't tell from one day to the next, but whatever. Technically I think she is his ex-girlfriend but he still gets jealous when guys pay attention to her so whatever. I was going around warning guys off her because I knew Josh would get pissed off and I didn't want any fights, but I also found out later that this pissed her off because she was enjoying the attention. Whatever.

Josh enjoys playing with his butt and so she took out the magic markers and drew a face on his cheeks, and then one on the front, too.

Scene 2 is more of us hanging out and bullshitting while we drink what's left of the beer (amazing that there is any). He takes a dump and leaves the door open, so you get to see him sitting on the john. Josh has no shame whatsoever and trucks right out into the open to go sit on my Jeep. Now you've seen a lot of guys walk around naked and do whatever at my pad before, and it's true that I do live out in the middle of nowhere and you can do almost anything in my front yard and no one can see...the house next door is still empty. But I do have neighbors in the back and they could totally see Josh on the Jeep if they had looked outside right then, And they probably did, because he was making a lot of noise about it. It's hot, but only because I didn't have to explain it to the police.

Scene 3 is us just hanging out on my porch talking about shit. Both of us have had enough to drink now to be thoroughly un-PC, as you'll find out when we start talking about his experiences in Iraq. What other site has a naked marine explaining how they determined who was working for the insurgency?

As it got hotter we decided to hook up my misting system, so you get to see Josh being a handy little fucker as well.

Scene 4 is us finishing up the repair of the misting system, and Caitlin borrows my car to go bother her cousins, leaving me and Josh to fuck around the house by ourselves.

Scene 5 is Josh and I just chillin', enjoying the results of his hard work (the misters feel great, especially on your naked skin). With Cate gone Josh turns into something of a showoff and you'll really enjoy watching him enjoying himself being naked. He gets really un-PC too, that's a Marine for you. They're great guys but rough around the edges for sure.

At the end of the video some guys drive by on their quads (4x4 dirtbikes) and Josh waves to them with his middle finger. He has no shame at all, it's great.

This is only the beginning of one really fun day, there's lots more to come.

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