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Road trip: Back Home (55 min)

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This video is from the last day of our road trip, two days after the events of Motel Room Fun and Josh Fucks a Doll. The next day, the guys' leave would be over and they'd have to get their hair buzzed again (you may like to see the regulation haircuts but they were enjoying being 'longhairs' and hated to go back). We were basically just enjoying one last day of hanging out and getting plastered before they had to go back on base. Chuck, for his part, was really, really enjoying his last day of freedom.

We made some more of the X-Factor, the sooper-alcoholic drink that led to the events of 'Motel Room Fun'. That, combines with the need to blow off some steam because it was the last of 30 crazy, wild days goin' cross-country, resulted in this wild video.

I'm sorry, this video contains not one hard cock. Chuck was not interested in jerking off. He was not interested in wearing any pants, either. He ended up nekkid as the day he was born on four separate occasions, and I got it all on tape. He's running naked around my house and "doesn't give two shits," as he puts it. Josh and Scott don't get naked at all, they're just amused bystanders to the madness.

It all started when he climbed up on my roof (without a ladder!). When Chuck has had a lot to drink he 'goes back to the jungle', which basically means he starts acting like a monkey. Josh and I were taunting him as if he were a rogue ape and Josh decided to see what 'it' would do for Mardi Gras beads (I have a whole drawer-full now). The answer: it will present its ass and shake its cock and balls at you.

Then Chuck went running off into the desert. It was like tracking down wildlife in the bush; I felt like I was on National Geographic. I dared him to get naked and run around and sure 'nuff he did, running around the Great Outdoors in the all-together.

Once back inside (and clothed) Scott asked him whether he was going to shave his goatee off before he went back on base ("Yes") and whether he was going to shave his hair down to something a little more regulation ("Hell no"). I comment that it would be the smart thing to do but when have we ever chosen the smart thing? But I tape him shaving off his goatee--naked. He's naked, not me.

Next Chuck's chillin' outside in his boxers talkin to Scott and his (Scott's) girlfriend when Josh sneaks up behind him and smashes an egg on his head. Chuck tears after him like a madman and gets pissed, but you'll be happy 'cuz he goes inside and takes a shower to wash the egg out of his hair. While he's in there Josh tries to come in and make friends again but Chuck has none of it, it's hillarious to watch and hot to, if you like the idea of a clothed dude talking to his naked buddy in the shower.

After Chuck gets out of the shower, he walks out to the car naked. We just can't keep his pants on but I didn't care of course...having a site like this has made me such an instigator. Yeah! Drop 'em!

In fact, there's almost one full hour of video from this crazy day, during most of which Chuck is totally, casually naked. He wasn't feeling horny so he didn't stroke it...and these aren't actors playing scenes for you...I tape what actually happens. But if you want to see this cut redheaded marine get drink and hang out naked with his buddies, then you will love this update. Enjoy!

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