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Road Trip: Josh Fucks a Doll (18 min)

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This video is what happened after the events in Motel Room Fun. At the end of that video josh and chuck are getting ready to go out to the college end of town to try to look for some girls. Scott and I were beat so we stayed up watching TV in the room till late. I was already sound asleep by the time Josh got back. He was basically dragging Chuck along with him because he'd had so much to drink, and he pretty much just fell to the floor where Josh dropped him.

Chuck might have been passed out, but Josh can really handle his alcohol, and he was horny as fuck. Apparently there were tons of women out at the bars but he spent most of his time watching after Charlie, who is a natural troublemaker. When he got back to the room he was dying to stick his dick in something, luckily I had gotten a blow-up doll while we were in Miami.

First Josh can't help playing a little trick on Chuck. He pulls out his big, drooping nuts and teabags his best friend right on the forehead. Chuck is so out of it, he'll never know.

Then Josh blows up the doll and goes to work. I ask him if he needs any porn--I got some hot titty mags in Miami, too--but he says no, he's horny enough right now that anything even vaguely shaped like a chick, even a plastic doll, will be good enough. And he's as good as his word, in a minute he's hard and plowing the plastic love tunnel like a champ. All while his buddies are asleep in the same room, Chuck on the floor and Scott on the bed. Except it turns out later that Scott isn't really asleep, he's just trying to ignore the goings on. He says later he heard his buddy pounding away over on the next bed.

Josh has a bubble butt and a big, thick dick which you'll love to watch pounding away, his big nuts slapping against the plastic. He really knows how to put it to a girl, as I can attest to for real, I watched him fuck a chick in the next bed over when we were in Texas. Before that he fucked her in the parking lot of the motel we were staying in. Unfortunately this girl is only plastic, but I've seen him work the real thing. Too bad she wouldn't let me tape it.

Josh finishes up solo and blows a thick load on his gun tatts. If you go to the FREE Bonus Videos area you can watch him fold up the doll again and then go outside for a smoke after this video is done.

The only thing about this video--it was recorded at about 2:30 in the morning after the bars had closed. I was sound asleep when Josh got back to the room, we were both tired and we had both been drinking, so we might be a little hard to understand. I in particular sound like I'm about to fall asleep.

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