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Road Trip: Motel Room Fun (50 min)

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This video is unlike any other. Three straight guys and I set off on a serious roadtrip recently. No half-assed drive to the next town, we ended up going all the way cross country, stopping at Mardi Gras in New Orleans along the way and having many wild adventures. All three are straight and all three got laid on this trip; Josh kept us all awake fucking a girl he brought back to the room in Austin, TX, Scott fucked a girl in the crawlspace under a house at Mardi Gras, and Chuck actually got laid twice on this trip, lucky bastard.

It was an epic trip, not all of it good. We lost Josh for two days at Mardi Gras when he wandered into a bar looking for chicks--we even ended up calling the coroner looking for him, describing his identifying tattoos which you will see, two .45 revolvers pointing into his crotch with "Irish" between them, and "USMC" (what the guys call a "stupid stamp") on his back. He eventually found his way home, but then we lost Chuck a few days later when he ended up going home with a fat chick and not telling anyone. We saw aligators in Florida, hung out at the beach, and drank lots and lots of alcohol. I'll have to write a book about it or something someday, it was huge. And of course I had my video cameras with me.

It started out as just a trip with friends, so I don't have nearly as much videos as you would think. the guys weren't comfortable being filmed at every turn, and money was tight so only a few highlites of the trip made it to tape. I've put as much of the non-pornographic ones as I could up in the bonus videos section. There's clips of us from before we left, some clips of Scott and Chick watching a Mardi Gras parade, and some clips of us partying at a motel pool.

Inevitably though, some crazy shit happened, especially near the end of the trip when we had spent almost 30 straight days with each other and were about as comfortable as we could get, and the trip was coming to an end so more alcohol was being consumed and emotions were running high. The guys have this drink they mix up out of vodka, Gatorade, and Monster brand energy drink that will knock you right flat on your ass, or make you want to run around naked and do crazy stuff.

This video happened on our next-to-last day on the road. We were coming back from Florida and making good time across the US, driving almost two days non-stop. That was just too much time in the car though, so we ended up stopping at a little budget motel out I'm not going to say where. I had the camera out 'cuz I figured I might as well get some of the trip on tape, and that inspired our buddy Chuck to keep dropping his shorts. Eventually he discarded them altogether and started running around the motel room in the all-together. There's some FREE non-porno clips in the bonus videos section from this day as well of the guys creating a serious disturbance...the motel owners actually came outside and told us to quiet down. Good luck on that one!

This video starts out with an edited version of the road-trip clips, the full versions of which are in bonus videos area, just to show that we were on a real road trip before got to the budget motel. The fun starts when Chuck and Josh start playing a game in which if one flashes the other with his balls and the other looks, he gets kicked in the ass. First Scott helps Chuck get Josh, then Chuck and Josh end up wrestling. The game continues when the guys head out to the pool, where they end up mooning each other and flashing their nuts at each other and the whole world. Its a wonder they didn't get the cops called on us.

The fun continues inside when Chuck basically decides he doesn't want to wear clothes anymore. He's been drinking, it's hot as fuck in the room, and we've all seen each other naked plenty of times by now, so it's not even that weird. There's too much that happens to describe it all, but you can get a pretty good idea from the preview video. These guys are not gay at all, so there is not one hard dick in this entire video, but there is plenty of naked horseplay as the copious amounts of alcohol remove all of Chuck's inhibitions. He opens the door and shows his junk to the whole world. He attacks Josh with a safety razor, all naked. He and Josh shine boots naked, and Chuck is still naked when they block their hair before going out to the bars.

Once again this is the real deal. Lots of sites will hire guys and try to convince you that they're straight and that they're friends. Because they're gay porn actors they'll jerk off together and do whatever. These guys are real friends, and they are really straight, so they won't touch each other. Scott never even gets naked except to moon Charlie for a second, he spends most of this video trying to order a pizza amid total alcohol-fueled naked mayhem. This is the road trip you wish you had been on, and the video you'll have to watch if you like real straight buddies hanging out naked with each other.

The next update shows what happens later that night: They come back trashed, and Chuck passes out. Meanehile, Josh is so horny from all the girls he saw out that he fucks a blow up doll and then jerks off while his friends are all asleep.

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